Welcome to Our Practice

Upper Cervical Health Centers of America – Springfield is conveniently located on the the west of Springfield, off of Veteran’s Parkway/Route 4, making his office easy to reach from anywhere in Central IL via I-72 or I-55. Ample parking is available next to the office.

Dr. Frederick Schurger utilizes the Blair Upper Cervical Technique in his office and has the most advanced plain film imagining center in the area. Thermography and postural alignment measurements are used to detect the presence of subluxation in addition to the specific x-ray analysis that Dr. Schurger uses. After corrections, Dr. Schurger has patients rest 30-minutes on Zero-gravity chairs. The resting allows patients to hold their correction longer, so that their body can heal better with less trouble of it going back out of adjustment.

Recovery & Resting Room

After your custom Upper Cervical correction, your body needs a few minutes to get used to the new position. We have PerfectTouch zero gravity chairs that help take stress off your body as your nervous system starts the healing process. And yes, if you need a nap, it’s a good place to get one too!

Body imbalance

Your head weights about the same as a bowling ball, around 10 lbs. But when it’s out of place, you have to shift your ENTIRE body to keep it level. After all, your brain is in there!! That shift causes unnecessary stress on your nervous system, preventing your body from functioning properly = poor health.

Discovery Room

This is our Discovery room, where we take our time to get to the root of your problem and your goals for your health.

Adjusting room

We spend most visits here, checking you for proper alignment & nervous system adaption. Our goal is to make sure you are free of Upper Cervical vertebral subluxations, allowing your brain to body communication to work optimally

Our Imaging center

We utilized a laser aligned system that allows for precise and repeatable films to determine exactly how you are out of alignment, down to a millimeter of misalignment. This level of precision allows us to take custom imaging for each and every member of your family to create custom corrections.

Adjusting room – scanning station

Dr Schurger utilized dual-thermographic imaging at every visit to determine the presence (or hopefully absence) of vertebral subluxations.