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Bringing a child into this world is one of the most fulfilling things a couple can do, and yet there are so many pitfalls when being pregnant, including getting pregnant! With many couples starting later in life to start a family, there are things you need to do to improve your health (both mother & father) to have a good experience. Chiropractic care can help with that. Whether you’re just getting started or further along in your pregnancy, we cover it in this episode so you can bring that new life into this world as easy as possible!

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Pregnancy & Chiropractic Plus Blair Upper Cervical Miracles

Welcome folks to the show. I’m Dr. Frederick Schurger.

Dr. Beth Bagley. How are you doing?

I am doing excellent and I’m going to get the apology out of the way first. Things got busy here in April, and we’ll be uploading this early. We’ve got a couple other episodes in the tank, but those will be coming up. That’s why we’ve been away because life got busy.

It does that, but we’ve got a good show and it is all about pregnancy and chiropractic. The first thing I wanted to bring up was that pregnancy is a normal state of the female body, but to become pregnant, you have to have a healthy body. We have been seeing an epidemic of people that cannot get pregnant and I’ve got ideas of why. Some of the things we can’t even talk about of why but I also think that’s important for people to realize that chiropractic is part of keeping a female body healthy so that you can become pregnant to begin with.

What I’ve noticed, you’re going to tell me if you’ve seen the same is that there’s more young people. Two things, people are waiting until they’re a little older to get pregnant, which is harder. That’s one of the problems that we’re seeing but also, even young healthy looking people are not able to get pregnant. Infertility has been not a new problem. There’s been infertility.

My own story of how I came to become a human on this planet was my mom suffered with infertility for a decade. She was told she couldn’t have children and she was under chiropractic care. Her father and my grandfather was a chiropractor. She had given up. She was in her early 30s, which at that time many years ago, that would be considered a geriatric pregnancy. Now it’s normal pregnancy, but she was sitting in church at a wedding, I believe.

She sneezed and a button on her pants blew off. She thought, “I’ve gained some weight.” She had missed a period, but she didn’t think anything of it. She thought, “I have a tumor and I’m going to die.” She did go to the doctor and found out that I was the miracle. She wasn’t even trying at that point to get pregnant.

I’m not saying that infertility is new because it is not new. There are so many people talking about how they’re doing individual fertilization or all of these very expensive procedures in order to have a baby, which is something that our bodies naturally do. The chiropractic perspective of that is how do we create a healthy mom?

How do we make this female body healthier so that it can house this growing and amazing baby? Nutritionally, we’ve talked a lot about protein. I do think protein is essential for a mother or future mother to have. It’s a building block of not only your body, but a growing baby. Having an adequate amount of protein in your diet. What’s the rule of thumb again with the protein?

I would say, the more that I’m looking into the literature and the more that it’s coming out, go with a gram per pound of body weight. In a day, you might be a little low or a little high on that, but if you’re aiming for that. You’re doing pretty good. If you’re still trying to have a baby and you’re in your late 30s, push for at least a gram. If not, one and a half grams per pound because what they’re finding is as we get older, we need more protein because we’re not turning it over. Our body needs that to fuel properly. Again, that’s how I would suggest and gear that up.

I know everyone’s heard drinking up water. Healthy hydration is essential for the normal female cycle. We could go into tons of nutritional things, but that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the chiropractic implications. If we think about the pelvis as a bowl. That bowl becomes twisted on one side and not on the other. We have subluxation or a misalignment of the pelvis.

That’s the sacrum. The connection between the two, which as I joint or a joint and the pubic synthesis in the front. A lot of the hip bones connect in there and all sorts of connections with the soft tissues. If there is a misalignment in there, so let’s say, “I’m a mom or I want to be a mom and put my back hurt sometimes.” That’s an indication that your pelvis is not aligned. If your pelvis is not aligned, there are little ligaments. One of them being the round ligament. There’s a few other ligaments, but there’s little ligaments that connect between your pelvis and your uterus.

If those ligaments are being pulled slightly off on one side and off the other, it’s going to create tension in the uterus that’s not supposed to be there. That, in turn, not only can cause problems with getting pregnant, but it also can be causing problems maintaining a pregnancy and healthy outcomes comes with labor and delivery.

Webster Certified

Chiropractors do adjustments on the spine and low back. Some of us have become what we call Webster certified. It’s through the ICPA, which is the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. You can read a lot on their website. It’s I do think Webster certification is important for prior to pregnancy or during pregnancy and after to have the pelvis aligned. Everyone would say, “You’re an upper cervical chiropractor. You touch anything.”

I will look at the pelvis of especially a pregnant woman. I also look at the pelvis of not pregnant women and men even because that stuff can come up and get stuck. We help people get unstuck. My number one concern is the upper cervical spine, even in the pregnant woman. If I was only allowed to digest one thing, it would be the one if that was misaligned.

If there is a structural shift happening at the pelvic level, what we’re going to find is the pregnancies are harder. Keeping a pregnancy can be harder then the pain associated with being pregnant. Honestly, it shouldn’t hurt to be pregnant. Your body should naturally go. It could be achy, but it shouldn’t be painful. Women will sometimes suffer even with sciatica, which is pain down into the leg. It’s considered a radiculopathy.

If there is a structural shift happening at the pelvic level, what we’re going to find is that pregnancies are harder. Share on X

What that means is literal pinching on a nerve, whether it’s happening at the bone level like at the actual back, which can’t happen during pregnancy or it could be at the top tissues because there are muscles and changes happening there during pregnancy too. The low back issues that we see a lot of times is because if you think we put a bowling ball and even men can think about it. Put a bowling ball and tuck it into your pants even.

What’s going to happen is naturally your back’s going to arch forward. That arching itself can start causing back pain. We shouldn’t have it overarching. If you’re someone like me and you already have hyperlarged butt or back, which I do. It’s something I work on, then we have the issue of it’s even more lordotic. Especially if you’re having twins, which is what I did. I did get chiropractic care through my pregnancy. It did help.

Honestly. I wish I would have gotten even more, but back then, I was so busy trying to run my own practice and being pregnant at the same time. I didn’t make as much time for myself as I should have. Post pregnancy, honestly, people should be getting chiropractic care too because that is a traumatic thing that your body went through. It’s a natural thing your body went through, but also the birth process itself can cause all sorts of pain and subluxations or misalignments in the spine. Now, what I found with a lot of my pregnancy patients that are having more issues than that is that there’s a certain thing happening with their pelvis when they’re pregnant.

CBCT Or Imaging

A lot of times, I don’t meet these women until after they’re already pregnant because they come to me. I do have some that come through my office and become pregnant. I take care of them through the pregnancy, which is my favorite. That’s what I like to do but I’m not going to turn away an individual who is pregnant because she because she didn’t find me beforehand. One of the issues then is I typically will not get a CBCT or imaging of their neck unless it’s a an emergency situation where they’re having some huge neurological problems.

I’m going to touch on that because that’s less a problem than what has traditionally been thought. What’s interesting is when people are saying, “I’m having these problems and I want to seek out chiropractic care.” We’ve talked about this, how the importance of imaging so we know how to create a custom correction for the patient.

One thing that we have going for us, even when we were using plain and digital X-ray. The high-frequency generators that exist in modern offices are a much lower dose than when the initial low-frequency generators were out. You have a much lower dose from that. On top of that, we columnate, which means we make sure the ray is no wider than the area that we’re looking at.

We don’t have any extra scatter radiation. If I had a pregnant patient come into my office, I would image because I need to know where I’m going to help them to the best of their possibility. The other side of that was I’d grab a double lead vest over the pregnancy and over the belly to make sure that we didn’t have that. Even with that in mind, the cone beam CTs that we are taking now are such a low dose radiation.

Let’s be honest, there are states that basically look at the cone beam and say, “The person hitting the button shouldn’t be in the room while it’s delivering the radiation dosage.” Again, it is so small that a family member could be next to them, if it’s like a child or a young adult who’s a little nervous. Someone could be in the room with them as it’s happening.

The old adage of the lead walled shield or of all the lead shielding around the unit. We don’t have that anymore. We need drywall and that’s adequate. It’s not necessarily something we have to worry about. Sometimes, we’re like, “Let’s see what we can do without it and see if we hit a wall within a visit or two.” Oftentimes, that makes it easier. Again, you could do a lead drape over them and we wouldn’t have any issues there.

That would be a case-by-case basis. I would talk to the patient depending on what they had going on.

In their comfort level.

One instance I can think of, we had a pregnant woman come in with trigeminal neuralgia and she couldn’t leave. This was affecting her pregnancy at this point. At first, we didn’t take pictures because we talked about their could be a possibility of a negative impact on the baby. We gave her that choice. After a few visits, we did hit a wall. We were not seeing a change. It wasn’t working right and we talked to her about it.

I talked to her husband. We made a decision as a team, “Let’s drape led.” We got the images. We were not adjusting her correctly. The images did show us that we had to do a better job and it was an immediate change. She was able to sleep again, eat and do all the things to help that pregnancy move forward. She was from India. She was going back to India after the baby was born.

We only got to see her 1 or 2 more times after that. I was happened to be at Costco after the baby was born and she came up. She showed me the baby. She was so excited and gave me a big hug. It was so awesome, but they were pretty much the next day going back to India. That’s one of those instances where I didn’t feel bad about. It was like, “The baby is not doing well because mom isn’t doing well.” We had to make that clinical decision.

Fight Or Flight

That’s one of those situations where we’re going back and forth between the autonomic balance between rest, digest, and heal, which is what’s going on during pregnancy in fight or flight. We could argue probably well that most miscarriages are because a woman’s in fight or flight mode so high that the body says, “I’m at risk. I cannot carry this pregnancy to term. Hence, have a miscarriage.” That is one side of that risk.

You need to make sure that you’re not so into that fight or flight mode. In fact, a newly pregnant patient of mine was saying she got home Thursday and went to bed at 6:00 and she didn’t wake up for eighteen hours because she’s so tired now. That’ll be a story in that autonomics and dad’s health that we’ll get to a little bit later because that’s important.

The other thing I wanted to point out, the most sensitive times to any radiation and I’m going to go beyond radiation, alcohol, and smoking. All of the things that are going to be most damaging including flying cross-country to a baby are going to happen in the first eight weeks often when a woman never knows that she’s pregnant, which is the irony of so many women that they’re out, having a great time, partying, still drinking alcohol, and still smoking cigarettes. They realize, “I’ve been pregnant?”

Even vaping. Where’s the studies on the vaping? Everyone thinks, “It’s so healthy for me. I can vape and it’s not bad.” I was like, “There’s probably some negative things happen to babies. I don’t know. We’ll find out.”

Give us twenty years, we’ll know what that means. Again, the first eight weeks are the most critical. If you think you even might be pregnant, watch out for that stuff because fetal alcohol syndrome is no joke. The children have a hard time in life. I know some adults that have had that. They’re doing their best, but there are other issues involved there.

The first eight weeks of the pregnancy are the most critical. Share on X

It’s funny that you said the fighter flight thing because that brought up a thought. It’s not only during the first part of pregnancy, that’s an issue. One of our wonderful things that we help with is getting people to balance their autonomic nervous system through the chiropractic adjustment. Fight or flight is when your body is like a bear walks in the room and you’re about to run away. That’s so scary. You’re going to fight.

If you’re in that state, your body’s natural process, some of them are going to turn off and some are going to turn on. The on ones are the ones your heart’s being faster and you got run. The off ones are not going to digest food well. You’re not going to fall asleep easily. It’s not a good time to be pregnant if you’re scared all the time. Your body will reject a pregnancy because of that. There’s lots of other reasons that pregnancy can terminate on its own.

There could be a problem with the actual genetics. I don’t want to blame everything on moms. Anybody reading, there’s a million things that can go wrong. Again, a lot of those aren’t your fault. One of the things that we can do is get chiropractic adjustment. Take some time for ourselves. Work on our breathing, prayer and meditation, and help ourselves be calmer through the pregnancy.

Take some time for ourselves. Work on breathing, prayer and meditation, and be calmer through the pregnancy. It is outrageously good for every woman, but so good for pregnant women. Share on X


It is outrageously good for every woman, but so good for pregnant women. I keep going back and forth between where we are in pregnancy. Let’s talk about labor. One of the things I tell my ladies is that before you give birth, come into the office when you know it’s about to be 37 weeks or 38 weeks or 42 range of weeks. I never or I try not to say when’s your due date.

I was like, “When’s the estimated time after arrival?” Due dates are like, that’s not a date. That’s a estimate of it could be two weeks before or two weeks after. That’s a whole month of time where you could be giving birth. There’s times around usually before that could happen, which we don’t want to happen. I want women to stop worrying about that actual date, because if you look at that date, and you haven’t given birth yet. Some of the options are to induce the labor process.

The problems with that is the artificial chemical that you put in you, the Potosin. It will create such strong contractions in women that they will automatically say, “This hurts so bad. Give me an epidural.” Even if you didn’t want one, you get one and now you can’t stand up. If you can’t stand up during your pregnancy or during your labor and delivery or you can’t get up and move at all. The chances of you having a C-section drastically increase.

One third of all births in the United States are C-section deliveries and that is crazy high. We should not be cutting so many women open. Now, thank God for C-section deliveries because it saves moms and babies. I’m not saying that they’re bad, but the amount that’s happening in the United States is astronomically high. That is a huge pelvic surgery that’s happening. Women then two days later have to be at home taking care of a newborn and recovering from a major surgery. That’s a big deal.

When you were shopping around for OBGYNs or when you found one, did they have experience delivering twins?

You’re going to love this story.

Or triplets or more?

I didn’t have an OBGYN. I used a midwife. I didn’t even know I was having twins until I was seven and a half months pregnant because I didn’t get ultrasounds either. That’s another thing that I know an ultrasound is putting waves of sound. Everyone’s going to be like, “You’re crazy and so granola.” I expect to have a healthy baby. Even if this baby isn’t healthy, if there was something going on with the baby, I wasn’t going to terminate the pregnancy. That’s not what I wanted to do.

I was seven and a half months and my midwife was doing a lower dose doppler sound one. I know that’s still ultrasound. Everybody, calm down, but it’s not the full on one. I was far enough along in the pregnancy that I wasn’t so worried about it like we were talking about radiation. She was like, “Something sounds weird,” then she measured me. A lot of these measurements to see where you are. They go from hip bone to hip bone and they measure. She goes, “You’re getting awful big.” I go, “Lady.” I didn’t say that loud, but I was like, “Lady, shut your mouth. I’m 6’2” and my husband’s 6’3”. We’re big people. We’re going to have big baby.” She goes, “No, I think there’s two in there.” I was like, “What?” I had an inkling anyway because I was feeling some kicks in places where the legs didn’t go that direction at the same time.

I had thought of it and I didn’t want to believe it but at that point, I did get an ultrasound because I was far enough away. I wanted to confirm that there were two babies and there were two beautiful girls. I did find out the sex at that point because I was like, “I’ve had enough surprise. I’m good.” I decided to still continue with a home birth because my midwife had done many twin births in her career.

She’s a tried and true. She was one of those ones who go to the Amish and go everywhere. She would go all the way into Illinois. Your Amish friends up there probably knew her. I don’t think she’s practicing anymore, but if she is, that would be wonderful. She doesn’t have web presence or anything. You have to know someone to know her. I knew chiropractors who knew her, so I was able to get her phone number.

Anyway, so she was like, “We can do it.” Two other midwives in training came to the birth because she had told other people and those midwives in training had never seen a twin birth, so they came. Everything was great. It was the whole thing. One of the things I was going to talk about with fight or flight is in a class that I took during my pregnancy, which I can’t think of the name of. I will think of it before we end it, but it’s not Lamaze but it’s one like that.

They talk about protector of the cave, so caveman days. The man needed to protect the woman while they were giving birth to keep bad things away because it’s a very vulnerable state for a woman to be in. Especially if there’s a grizzly bear coming at you. If a grizzly bear is coming at you during your birth, your birth’s going to turn off, so your labor is going to turn off. Now you can’t get the baby out.

The same thing is you’re having a hospital birth. If there’s a nurse or an energy, it could be a family member that keeps coming in and saying, “What’s going on? What’s happening?” They’re bringing that energy to your room that you’re going to give your birth to, your birth partner, whoever that is. I have a husband, so I’m going to assume husband while I’m saying this. His job was to keep the energies away that were causing that.

If you’re doing a home birth, it could be a family member that comes in. We did have to ask the person to leave the drama or it could be a hospital worker where you have to pull them out of the room and say, “I need you to bring this down a level because we’re keeping it calm in here while she is doing some miraculous things with her body.”

Anyone who’s going through labor and delivery, whether in a hospital or at home, is to talk to your partner. If you don’t have a partner, find a partner, to be that protector of the cave. That was so important and giving them permission to be mean sometimes. Not to the person giving birth, but to the people that might be bringing drama into your space because your space needs to be calm. If you want to bring the drama, you bring the drama, but nobody else is allowed to.

That’s that fight or flight. That’s one of the reasons I like to check people. Sometimes the day before they give birth or whatever it ends up being. It’s to help them stay into that calm state so that their body can function in the way that it was designed and making sure their pelvis is aligned right at the end also to make sure that that birth canal is straight and what it’s supposed to be doing. We don’t have torsion between the two sides of the pelvis. It’s incredible.

As you folks can tell, it’s one of my favorite things. I love taking care of pregnant women. I love helping them have hopefully, the birth that they want to. No matter what, we’re happy with having healthy moms and healthy babies because it doesn’t always work out like we want it to. We do everything in our physical possible to try. At least we can say, “We did it all. We tried and this happened or this happened. As long as we’re all healthy, we’re great.”

This is why you want to have the best team around you for your pregnancy and your birth, so that everything in the pregnancy goes smoothly. When you get to the birth, it also goes smoothly but you have contingency plans ready to go in the case of baby didn’t turn or got a cord wrapped around their neck. You can’t get to the hospital fast enough, depending upon how far along you are and the baby needs to come out now. You need somebody who is experienced with a breach birth, which happens and used to happen a lot more before C-sections became as popular. How many people do not have that experience?

Even in hospitals, they don’t have the experience of breach births.

Which is why they do C-sections so commonly.

It’s also is one of those things about the Webster technique. Nowhere is the Webster technique, they’re going to say, “We turn babies,” because that is not what it does. What I’ve seen multiple times in my experience is we have a pelvis that’s torqued. We untorque it and sometimes even later that day, the mom feels and she knows that that baby has turned. We create the space in the mom so that baby can sit where it’s supposed to. It’s always so cool when that happens.

That’s a matter of getting things working the way that they’re supposed to, which has always been the first premise of chiropractic. We’re trying to get your nervous system working and functioning so your body works and functions normally.

Your body is designed to do. If somebody is reading this and scared to become pregnant or give birth, your body naturally knows what to do. It’s incredible. I’ve gone through it. I couldn’t believe it. I did not use any pain medications and I’m not saying that to be like I’m awesome and people who use pain medications aren’t.


The Blonde & The Bald | Pregnancy And Chiropractic


I’m saying that because I thoroughly believes through my pregnancy that my body knew what it’s supposed to do. I knew that it was intelligent beyond my own educated brain. I can’t tell you how weird it was. When I finally was going through that is no one even needs to tell you to push. That whole thing in the movies were like, “Push.” There’s none of that. If you’re in a natural state and everything. When it’s ready, it starts pushing. The baby pushes too. It’s a two-way thing. It takes over. Nature takes over during that time.

It’s incredible. If we do things that counteract nature like Pitocin, epidurals, or pain medicines. It isn’t as easy for your body to do what it naturally is supposed to do. I’m not saying that you’re, again, bad for doing those things. Honestly, I care about everybody reading, but I don’t care that you do that. I care that you know that when that does happen, you’re increasing the likelihood of an outcome that could include surgery. Again, everybody do your own thing but know that in my opinion or in my own experience, I wanted to keep the percentages down. Anything that I could see that was going to increase the percentage of an issue, I wanted to completely either eliminate it or reduce it to near the zero.


Very cool. Anything else on delivery that you want to touch on because I have a couple other ideas and thoughts that I want to go through real quick?

Delivery. I probably could talk three hours on it, but you can keep going.

I was going to say the other thing that want to address is, baby came through a ten centimeter hole. That’s crude, but that’s what happened.

Host delivery.

One, you’ll probably want to get adjusted, mothers, as soon as you feel comfortable leaving the house. Bring the babies. They also need to get checked. They might not need to get adjusted, but they need to get checked so that you know they’re doing the best they can. I’ve told the story about my friend’s son who wouldn’t latch and mom wouldn’t let down and he wouldn’t sleep. He was colicky for nine months.

We get him adjusted nine months later and he finally is doing better. If mom had had a little bit more open-mindedness to saying, “Maybe I should be under care now that everything is getting catty-wampus.” Dad was already on board. Things might have been different, but they are what they are. The sooner you get the kids checked, the better they might sleep through the night. If you like sleeping through the night, I’m just saying. We have a colleague. I can’t remember where he practices. They have six kids. We went to a seminar. His wife was there and she had just their newest child who was about a month old six hours through the night every night already.

I also wanted to bring up that littler baby because I had little babies five pound range, need to be fed more often. Don’t feel like just because your friend who had a nine pound baby has the baby sleeping through the night at one month or six hours if it’s necessary. Does it feel good? Little ones might need to only be sleeping for two hours at a time and that is perfectly fine, too. It is more than fine. You have to keep those little ones fed more often.

I know sleeping through the night sounds great, but you do have a couple of months that you need to put into waking up pretty often, especially for the teeny little ones. You are not wrong. Colic is not natural or, “My kid’s just colicy.” That’s like saying, “I have a normal headache.” Kids don’t have normal colic. Kids don’t have normal acid reflux when they’re babies. Kids don’t have jaw issues or ear infections or torticollis where their head tilted or poor latches.

None of that’s natural. None of that is bad luck. That is structural in nature and that is what we come to check. Most chiropractors check babies. Not all. You can do a call. When you’re calling for a chiropractor, you can check the ICPA website, They have a list of pediatric chiropractors on there but a lot of upper cervical doctors check kids. I do.

The one thing I can say, I’ve had the patients on their way home from the hospital come by. They haven’t even been home yet and the first thing they wanted to do was get that baby checked by the chiropractor, which honestly, is the biggest begin to compliment a chiropractor would get, when they hand over their newborn to you.

Getting Pregnant

They’re like, “Doc, I got a little one. Let’s get this one adjusted as soon as possible.” It is an honor to serve it for them to say that. In any case, I want to hit a couple other topics. First, you basically said earlier there were two groups of people having hard times getting pregnant. Do you remember what they were just so that we can recap?

The two groups of people?

There were two sides. There tend to be two groups of people that were having a hard time.

The people that are older because people are waiting too long to get married. Not that everybody’s married and having kids. People are getting married later and having kids later. The female body was meant to start having kids in probably 16th year. We’re pretty darn fertile. I’m not saying we should get pregnant at sixteen. No, but in our twenties. That should be the ideal to be pregnant. Later, it’s harder. People who are overweight tend to have trouble. We didn’t talk about that but if you have a lot of weight on you, you have extra estrogen and that’s like taking birth control pills through your own body.

Plus, it puts you at a higher risk of both preeclampsia, which is high blood pressure pregnancy related and diabetes. Potentially, turning you diabetic because you’re already carrying that extra weight. It starts off gestational, but it primes you for type-2.

You’re probably already primed for type-2.

There’s a third subsection in that getting older group that I want to touch on. Women that have been on birth control for an extended period of time. When we understand what birth control is doing is it is basically convincing the woman’s body that she’s pregnant all the time. When you get off birth control, a couple of things have happened. Let’s assume that you’ve not been trying to get pregnant. You’ve been on birth control. You’ve been sexually active.

You might find as you come off birth control intentionally with the partner you picked while on birth control. You are no longer attracted to said mate, which is some weirdness going on. There might be other emotional issues that cause problems or something is going on with him. On top of that, his nervous system is not balanced properly either.

In order to be pregnant, you have to get pregnant. There is a two part process of the autonomic nervous system that we have been talking about, balanced for dad, to be able to deliver on both sides. Without getting too graphic, the sympathetic system, it’s 3Fs. I’ll let you figure out the third. It’s fight, flight, and F. Folks, the sympathetic is your arousal state. In order to finish the job, in order to deliver the package, how about that? You have to switch in a parasympathetic state because you have to be relaxed enough to release.

We talk about chiropractic and balancing, both of those systems. They have to switch pretty quickly. If you’re subluxated, it’s way harder to do that.

Ladies, you wonder why your guy falls asleep afterward. It’s because his body so switched and he is exhausted. He’s literally switched from that ready, set, go to “I did a lot. I’m going to go take a nap.” That’s the rest and digest side of the things. What’s interesting is the young lady who came in, told me the good news that they’re finally pregnant. They’ve been trying for over a year.

The irony of the situation. They got married and trying to have a baby. Dad comes in to get checked and he’s like, “This is so stressful because this is the time that they’re trying to figure out her cycle when she is most likely to get pregnant hours in the day. All these timing factors.” Sure enough, it’s killing them because it’s so stressful that their sympathetic are derived up and their parasympathetics to allow the pregnancy to happen aren’t working at all.

Here’s the irony because he’s this very type A personality. He had COVID 3 or 4 times. He never got the jab but ends up with a heart attack looking like as if he had COVID. Something else was going on in his nervous system that he wasn’t able to fight it properly, which is why he ended up getting it about three times. He has massive coronary problems.

He’s almost coming out of it and rehabbing. He’s back to work about 3 or 4 days a week. Still a high-pressure job, but he’s able to be more relaxed about it. He’s also able to leave it at the office at the end of the day. Sure enough, they’ve been pregnant for about ten weeks at the time of this recording. All of these parts, you can’t get mom pregnant if dad isn’t delivering properly.

The other thing is how sperm counts come into play. There’s a lot of things and chemicals in our systems now that are causing lower sperm count. The easiest thing you can do to increase your sperm count is to not use your seat warmer.

The easiest thing you can do to increase your sperm count is to not use your seat warmer. Share on X

They do not make good babies.

They don’t make good sperm mate.

The swimmers will not swim.

No, they don’t. If you’re like, “I love my sweet warmer,” and you’re trying to get your girl pregnant. Do not use your seat warmer anymore. That’s not smart. The other thing is that having more of a box, certain wearing boxers is allowing your testicles to be away from your body because again, that’s why they exist outside of your body. It’s because it needs to be cooler for the sperm to generate. Keep those babies chilly.

The other things that I would include for the men, how many stories do we hear about people going out for a bender? All of a sudden, they’re like, “We’re pregnant now because we were drinking and partying it up.” Sure, that happens but if you’re having a hard time getting pregnant, cut the booze. Cut the booze out completely because there’s so much garbage and junk. Alcohol is not your friend. In fact, alcohol is poison. If you’re still having trouble, take a look at your diet. Clean up your diet. Do you have to go full carnivore or keto? No, but you might want to go that direction a little bit. Cut the sugar. Increase the healthy fat. That’s key.

Do not eat soy at all. Soy is like taking a birth control pill. Do not eat soy.

Do not eat soy at all. Soy is like taking a birth control pill. Share on X

There was another one. We look at Japan. Japan has some of the lowest birth rates and replacement rates in the world. They have a lot of soy in their diet. There’s one other thing that they have in their diet and it’s escaping me at the moment. I would move away from that. There’s some benefits of fermented soy that certainly exist.

Fermented soy does break down like a natto. Not tofu. Tofu doesn’t do it, but natto. The chemical that affects people in the estrogen way is reduced to almost nothing in natto. I am not talking about natto or if you’re taking natokinase, which is excellent for cardiovascular recovery and recovering from COVID stuff. I’m not talking about that form of soy. Only because we say soy is bad doesn’t mean that is bad. That’s the same thing, I could say water is bad for you if you drink four gallons of it. We’ve got to look at the amounts, but also what the chemical is that’s affecting people.

Blair Chiropractic Technique

The other thing I wanted to touch on is specifically how the Blair Chiropractic technique has helped people try to get pregnant. We have told the story about Dr. John Hilpisch up in Lake Elmo, Minnesota in the past, who has six children of his own. Very Catholic. The joke I like to tell when I see him, it’s like, “Hilpisch, have you gotten any more patients pregnant lately?” He had over 22 cases when he published the one study showing that, again mom and dad were both patients in order to help them get pregnant.

That’s a good point. I’ll be one to think through that is the next woman who’s coming in saying, “I’m having problems with fertility.” I’ll be like, “Your husband needs to come in, too.” You’re not wrong, that’s a big deal.

Back to my patient who was having all the problems, he would stress about everything. After adjusting him and letting him rest, if I didn’t get him up in 20 minutes and not 21 minutes. He was already sitting up and getting now. He is so laid back and so relaxed. There’s that parasympathetic for whatever reason, how much of its mental for him after going through the heart attack and all the surgeries that he’s gone through over the past year. I don’t know. Certainly, it is him acknowledging that there’s more going on than trying to figure out the problem. If I got busy and he’s 25 minutes in there. He’s like, “I can stay.” He’s not in a rush anymore. Again, it’s getting that balance for both dad and mom when they’re having trouble. That’s a bunch of stuff.

We went through a bunch. I hope that was not too much for you folks to read. We jumped around quite a bit, but I get so excited.

I’ve got one more case I want to share. We just had our seminar. She was texting me back and forth, “Can you get me in on Sunday?” I’m like, “Yes, sure. Let’s do it.” It’s one of my Ehlers-Dan cases. Her spine looks like she’s 80. If you looked at it, it is an mess. She was told she would never have children because of some of the health issues she had.

She’s got a beautiful daughter, who dads down here. She comes down to visit from Chicago periodically. Again, it’s a quality of life thing. If we can improve the quality of life, can we reverse things? No. Can we stabilize things? Yes. Can we make sure that you can have as much fun as what you were supposed to do on this planet in the short time that you have allowed? I think so. That’s the take-home message. A lot of what we do is to try to make sure your body works the way it’s supposed to.


The Blonde & The Bald | Pregnancy And Chiropractic


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