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We’ve covered a lot of supplements in the past, and we wanted to do a dedicated episode to why we are using Fullscript and what protocols we have posted at this time. Supplements are a secondary priority in our practices because so much healing starts with your head on straight. But there are some things you need during the entire year (like Vitamin D in the winter) that you must have in supplement form.

If you buy supplements, we want to make sure you get the best ones that you can. We’ve done the hard work putting together these lists to make your ordering easier. This is also a great way to support the podcast as any sales help us keep the show going.

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The Supplement Protocol Episode

We have Dr. Beth Bagley here. How are you doing?

I’m doing great. It was a good day at the office. There are lots of great stuff happening.

It’s been a great week. It has been very busy. I’m condensed. I know you are too. We’re in the pre-Christmas week and we are compressing everything. Do you know who shows up for patient visits between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day?


Santa gets his adjustment and everybody else doesn’t want to show up. They say they do. They mean well. Unless they’re in a real pinch and hurting, they’re not coming in.

That’s why we’re only opening up on Wednesday and Thursday.

I closed down the entire week. I’ve tried being open and it doesn’t work. I’m nothing against patience, but we all have better things to do, like being with our family during this time. That’s what I’ll end up doing, but everything is busy. I’ve got a young doctor coming to visit on Monday. By the time this come out, Doctor Ladd will be officially Doctor Ladd.

We’re going to start calling her Doctor Thomas soon because she’s getting married.

I’m ready for her to get married. I’ve seen her Instagram. She needs to get that over with.

She’s got great pictures.

Doctor Ladd, when you read this, it’s nothing personal but you are a bit of a bridezilla.

I’ve dealt with that before.

A lot of exciting stuff is going on this holiday season. It’s nice to see everyone making the time for their health getting in. A lot of people have been asking, “How do I do this? How do I lose weight?” I know you’re going to share something here before we get into that. We’re going to share some of the nutritional protocols that I’ve put together over the years. These are not complete by any means, but they are all available through my Fullscript account. If you are one of Doctor Bagley’s patients and you buy something through me, I get a little bit of financial compensation for that. Don’t worry. It’s all going back into the show because, quite honestly, most of my supplement sales all turn back around into things that are going to make the show better.

We’re not competing with each other. Here’s my awesome news. I had a patient come into the office with trigeminal neuralgia. She looked up who could help her in St. Louis. Our show on general neurology came up in the search results. She listened to the show, made an appointment, and came in. I thought that was such a big win. So far, I haven’t seen a ton of patience. I know we’ve helped people because this goes all over, but somebody in St. Louis who needed care has found it and got her first adjustment. I said, “When you start doing well with your care, I’d love for you to come on to the show,” and she was very excited to do so.

That’s what we want to hear. That’s why we do these things, so that way, we can share some of the experiences that we’ve had. We were featured on one of our colleague’s shows.

I sent him a patient.

One of the funny things is sometimes for us, we would rather be seeing patients all day long.

Not doing any paperwork and not doing taxes or anything.

Especially marketing, that’s the big one I know for myself. It’s not what I’m passionate about. I’m passionate about seeing patient care, but we have to do the marketing to share this information. If you find this value or you know somebody who will find the value in this, forward it on to them. We’re going to go through my plans here. I’ve only got about six protocols here and I believe everyone can get access to it.

First of all, I wanted to bring up what Fullscript is. I like this website. Doctor Schurger has a good amount of supplements behind him. He has to buy those supplements. He has to have them in-house and before they go out of date. He has to sell them, and I know he sells them and all that, but it lends itself to an environment where, I’m not saying you’re pushy at all, but I don’t ever want a patient to feel pushed into buying something like this.

The reason I have these supplements is we carry supplements. If you’ve ever been to a doctor’s office that has a bunch of supplements, it’s largely because they are doing almost exclusively nutrition. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the way their practices are designed. They have it on hand. I have a handful of things that either myself or my wife are taking on the regular or we find that it is a high value for patients. I don’t have my cold and sinus protocol put together here yet. One of the things that I would recommend is something called Andrographis.

If you find a doctor’s office with a bunch of supplements, it is largely because they are doing almost exclusively nutrition again. Click To Tweet

In fact, I gave it to one of my patients who have a sinus thing going on. She turned out to have an adjustment, but all her sinuses are giving her grief. I said, “Put one of these in between your gum and your cheek. This is the way my wife and I have found it most effective to clear up all the sinus problems.” It works, but it tastes horrible. Because it tastes horrible, I’m not a fan of it. I don’t want to take it any more than I have to. The nice thing is I found the protocol that was recommended for this originally was 8 a day for 5 days. It sounds a lot. It’s not. If you’ve got all the sinus stuff, it cuts the sinuses back and makes everything work better.

My wife and I found two things. First, everyone who was getting adjusted regularly, half a bottle. You’re done in two and a half days. Maybe 48 hours. That’s how long it takes for this to clean up the stuff that is residual. For the regular chiropractor that was prescribing this, it was a week, and by having your head on straight, it went down two and a half days.

That’s pretty exciting. The other thing that my wife and I figured out is if you take one of these and put it between your gum and your cheek, let it dissolve until you can’t stand the taste of it anymore, that is probably your most effective way to let your mouth and all of those mucus membranes. It’s the sinuses. It’s a little bit of everything because the echinacea from media causes your mouth to tingle. If you’ve ever taken an echinacea and your mouth doesn’t tingle, it’s not good echinacea. It’s not real echinacea. They are very proud of how much this will make your mouth tingle.

You will not feel like you’re going to die, but this tastes like death. I’ve walked into the office. My nose is a mess. I know I’m out of adjustment. I need to get adjusted. I have put this into between my gum and my cheek. I’ve had the whole thing dissolve without needing to wash it down. It kept me at bay. It kept me able to see patients, but it’s not one of those that’s like, “I’m excited about that.” I have those on hand.

They’re something that you need. You need to give it to a patient now. What I love about Fullscript is that there’s a whole protocol that someone might need if they have gluten intolerance, spike detox, or sleeping problems.

There are some of these things I have, but now we have these protocols and sometimes you are like, “I also like this.”

There are things that we don’t necessarily want on our wall sitting there collecting dust because it might only be for 4 of our 400 patients, but it’s still something that’s good. Since we were talking about cold and stuff, I wanted to bring up this new supplement that we did find on Fullscript. I put it on mine and you can find it on yours it. I know he’s never done it. It’s called Umcka Cold+Flu. It’s homeopathic. I’m not super into homeopathic, but I do find there’s a value there for some things and this is cool. This one is like a packet that you put into your mouth and swallow the whole thing. On my Fullscript, it’s like a tablet.

It seriously kills the cold symptoms quicker. My kid woke up Monday with a sore throat, stuffy nose, and looked awful. We made sure she was well-adjusted. I’d happen to have 3 or 4 more of those packets left from the last time. I got them on Amazon. They do sell them on Amazon. I bought another couple of boxes of them for the future. She was back on track by Wednesday. Typically, that cold symptoms could be 7 to 10 days because that was obviously a virus. She was able to kick it faster.

That’s what we want for each of our patients and each of you reading is to know that you don’t have to live on NyQuil, which does not help you. Cold medicine do not help you. You can take supplements, get well-adjusted, get some vitamin D, and all the things that we’ll talk about here. There are people out there who think that when you go to the cold and flu aisle and you pick up a medicine, this is fixing the problem.

All it is is killing the symptoms. We want to do something to help boost us up. We want to boost up our immune system and our bodies’ ability to fight whatever virus or bacteria that is. With Doctor Frederick, when you had the immune system study knowing that that it was an IGA goes up, a marker for the immune system goes up after the chiropractic adjustment. We want to do other things that can also boost up and that’s one of the protocols that he’s got general wellness. Do you have a cold and flu?



I cannot believe I do not have a cold and flu.

By the time this post, you will have it.

We might put one together as we’re discussing some of our favorites, but let’s hit the spike detox one because this one is one that I talked about. There’s a bunch of stuff in here that’s redundant. There are three things you need to worry about for this. This is Peter McCullough’s Spike Detox Protocol that he’s come up with. There are three pieces to this. nattokinase, it’s 100 milligrams twice a day. bromelain, which is 500 milligrams once a day, and some curcumin, 500 milligrams twice a day. This protocol is for 3 to 12 months. There are a couple of things about this protocol. This is not like a double-blind placebo-controlled trial that has been out there. This is based on the best evidence of things that help clean out and break down the spike protein that he has come up with.

Someone reading might not understand that spike protein is something that was created via that mRNA jab that a lot of people got or even when they were sick with COVID.

There’s a lot of weirdness going on in this spike protein. The people who are denying that this was made in a lab are also the ones who are saying, “Look at all these things that are weird on this. It’s got a little bit of this bug and a little bit of this bug.” There is a strand of DNA that is identical to something out of aid. There are some weird question marks that it is more reasonable to say it was made in a lab than to say it happened naturally, the way some of these pieces and parts are put together.

This is the point. People were saying, “Is Long COVID a thing?” Probably, only because your body does not have a good means to break down these spikes either occurring naturally or post jabs. This is why this protocol can take a long time to get through. If you had it naturally, maybe three months. If you’re having a whole lot of problems two years out, maybe you’re going to be pushing to one year.

If you’ve gotten a lot of interventions between the first one and now, then I would go twelve months and realize that’s going to take a while. As I’m listening to him talk about this protocol, nattokinase and bromelain are enzymes and curcumin is an anti-inflammatory. I am not a fan of curcumin generally. It’s in the protocol. I’m like, “If you want to do the protocol as he recommends, do it.” I’m not a fan of curcumin because it tends to be very goiter-genic. That has other problems associated with it.

I added this other little bit that I came across on nattokinase because people have used nattokinase. This study here was 1,000 subjects and 12 months. It’s not like they did it very quickly with a small group, but they found taking it at a 500-milligram dose. We’re talking that that would be two and a half times what this protocol is recommending. They found that it was very safe, no problems, taking it throughout the day, and it reduced atherosclerotic plaques. It is all problems that you would have, not related to COVID but related to basically something normal heart disease problems and high cholesterol issues.

It’s a very safe supplement. It is a good supplement that breaks down these things. You’ve had a worst case. You’re not going to hurt yourself by saying, “I’m going to try taking a little bit of extra at the beginning and then taper off for a while.” I’m not saying take 10,000 or 500 milligrams right off the bat, but if you tolerate the 200 in a day, you could go up and take more.



Readers, nattokinase is when he was talking about the plaques and this is if you do have a history of heart disease and may be weary of taking statins. This is one of the supplements that I would highly recommend if your family has a history of heart disease. You can take it daily.

What I’ve done in this protocol is I’ve added a lot of different Nattokinases. My first choice is going to be the one at the top of the list here. I like Protocol For Life, which is the now brand’s doctor-level product. This is orthomolecular and, apparently, unavailable at this time.

That’s why he’s putting more than one on there because if you go to this protocol and there’s 1 of the 3 available, great. Order that one.

Sometimes, you’re not going to be able to get these. Here’s the now. I might suggest that Bromelain Plus might be a better choice from Biotics. That’s a good one. Traumeric has both bromelain and curcumin in it. I like this curcumin here from protocol. I’ve also taken the Turmeric Forte from MediHerb. It’s a good product. There are multiple options in case you can’t get these because sometimes manufacturers have problems keeping their stuff in stock like they used to for various reasons with everything going on.

Unfortunately, you have different options. All of them are high-quality supplements. You only need 3 even though there are 9 or 10 things listed.

Which one we want to go to next?

I want to sleep.

This was one of the best protocols that I’ve ever put together. I don’t do all of this all the time. I go through a little bit of stuff that say, “Here are the problems with what’s going on with your sleep that’s a problem.” Caffeine too late and blue light in the evenings. Having this phone come on at any time past dark is like the sun into your brain.

Like in wintertime, but you’re not wrong. People don’t realize that it’s like the sun shining on your brain. Your brain stays awake because it still thinks it’s light. It’s giving you this false light. Put TVs out too. People try to like, “I sleep to the TV.” Stop it. I don’t even have a TV in my bedroom.


The Blonde & The Bald | Supplement Protocols


It was better when the TVs were a tube than they are now with the LED backing.

Although, they are so much lighter now.

One of the big things I did back in my engineering days was throw those things off the line because they would have problems or the line would be hot and the glass was hot. They were heavy.

This is magnesium of some sort. What is this?

The first magnesium here is magnesium threonate. I was introduced to this by the late great Charles Poliquin who probably created more Olympic medaling athletes than any other trainer on the planet. This is something that was made in a lab called magnesium threonate. MIT still holds the patent to it, which is why it’s going to be a little bit more pricey than other magnesium out there, but you need to play a little bit more for magnesium because cheap magnesium will literally run through you.

Honestly, if you’re having trouble going to the bathroom, magnesium citrate is your friend, but it’s also your enemy.

Magnesium citrate is not so bad. There’s another one that’s even cheaper than that is alluding in my brain at the moment. Magnesium threonate or this Magtein, which is the trademark name, is great. It will not run through you and it will put you to sleep. It will help calm your brain down. If you’re having a hard time getting to sleep, this is a good choice.

I have not been taking magnesium lately. I just ran out of my supplement and I didn’t buy anymore. It’s probably been a good year. I went on a crazed lunatic bend and bought a whole bunch of supplements to stockpile for the winter and bought some magnesium. It wasn’t this brand. It did it instantly. I wasn’t sleeping poorly, but I slept so much deeper. I took a double dose of magnesium and I was like, “I see it.” When you first start taking it, you might notice an effect, then later on, you’re used to the effect.

Threonate immediately notices it. I noticed it immediately. Every patient that I’ve had recommended to start this have said the same thing. They notice it and I have you take it to dinner. That’s what I take it. Everyone says, “I notice a difference.” If I run out, maybe it’s a day or two and I’ve got a couple of other magnesium that I’ve tried taking in between the magnesium citrate. I don’t have it on this list.

I need to add it. This magnesium citrate also has magnesium glycanate and malate, which is also nice. I haven’t been sleeping well, but I’ve been taking this regularly. I didn’t take it t last night. It said I slept better, but I didn’t feel like I slept better. I’ll try it again tonight and see if I’m just tired and I’ve been running myself ragged, which is possible.

It’s the doctor’s life. Next is cataplex.

This is a standard process product. They’re now calling it Cataplex B2, but this used to be Cataplex G. When most people see B vitamins, they automatically think that’s their energy vitamin. That’s true, but some B vitamins, in this case, B2 can down-regulate your brain and relax you as a B vitamin. When I first was introduced to this, I was taking six of these in the evening. I would lie down and we would watch something on TV early evening. I’m not talking 10:00, I’m talking about 7:00. The next thing I know, my wife has put a blanket on me and I’ve been lying on the floor with the TV off for four hours. That’s how effective that can be.

When people see B Vitamins, they automatically think it is their energy vitamin. Although that’s true, some B Vitamins can actually down-regulate your brain and help you relax. Click To Tweetyou’re taking a big handful

That knocks you out.

The next two here, I’ve got some melatonin. Some people do find that’s beneficial. This is not a brand I work with per se. It’s something that some people have liked. I do like magnesium topical sprays as well. Those can be very relaxing. The two things that I would add to this list is magnesium citrate. The other one I heard from Doctor Mindy Pelz podcast is kava tea. The stuff that I’ve shared here, except for this magnesium topical spray and this magnesium here, others are brain-calming supplements. A lot of people do have a problem keeping with their brain being wound up.

You can’t turn your thoughts off.

This helps turn thoughts off. Your brain can be like, “I’m ready to go to sleep.” In fact, I like Magtein for that. I shouldn’t say that because one night, I’ve been out. Magtein, early on, would help me say, “It’s time to go to bed.” I would get everything set up and crawl into bed instead of falling asleep spontaneously as the two did.

One of the things I’m thinking of is the people who want to have a better bedtime routine, but they don’t necessarily want to have a way to stick to it. This could be an option. If you know you want to fall asleep, you want to be asleep by 10:00. What time should they take the Magtein?

I take it with dinner.

A couple of hours, two hours, or half an hour? What do you think?

I take it with dinner. I wouldn’t even try to say, “I’m going to take it and I’m going to be out by this time.” By 8:00, I’m probably eating dinner. That’s when I’m going to take the supplement. Honestly, I have been falling asleep at 9:00 partly because it gets dark early and my brain is like, “You’re done. Go to bed.”

What time do you wake up in the morning?

It’s been between 6:00 and 7:00.

You’re getting a lot of sleep lately.

For whatever reason, I’ve been extra tired. I’m not recovering the way I expected to. The past couple of weeks have been weird.

It’s because you’re old.

I deserve all of it. To the point, I would take it with dinner.

Melatonin spray is about a half hour before you go to sleep.

It is a little bit closer to bed because that melatonin spike happens shortly after it. You want a more narrow aspect of that. I’ve taken Magtein earlier in the evening at 6:00 or 7:00 out early. I’ve taken Magtein late. My biggest thing is I need to take it because if I don’t take it, then I do notice that my sleep is not as good.

I will admit wholeheartedly, I am a terrible supplement taker. I forget to do it. I don’t feel like doing it, but I’ve been good. I take all the supplements and I want to take about a half hour after dinner. I know it’s not perfect. Probably, some of them aren’t getting absorbed 100% like they could have been if I did it on an empty stomach. I want people to know that sometimes it’s okay to do it and not overthink it. It’s better than not taking it at all, but the Melatonin, I definitely wait until right before bed.

I’ll take my supplements right after dinner or with dinner and then move on.

That’s another thing. If you’re taking a big handful of supplements and you’re eating dinner, and you’re trying to reduce the amount of calories or food you’re going to consume, if that’s something that you’re into, that will help fill up your stock.

If you are taking a handful of supplements before dinner, try to reduce the amount of calories you will consume. Click To Tweet

That’s the short on sleep stuff. I could probably add a couple more there. Let’s do the bone health one. My aunt had fallen right before COVID. At the end of ‘19 and early ’20, she took a fall. She’s older. She broke her arm. All the results are coming back. She’s got pretty severe osteoporosis. Her vitamin D is low. We all know that after running through COVID, low vitamin D was a bad idea to have.

This is the time of year. This is January. You got no sign unless you’re in Florida and if you are mad at yourself. I don’t say you have to take a vitamin D supplement, but you really should.

If you are North of Atlanta, Georgia, I can’t remember what parallel that is, I want to say the 20th. Atlanta Georgia is basically the parallel. Anything above that needs some vitamin D between October and April because you’re not getting outside enough, in general, at that point in time. Some vitamin D and I’ve got got one on this list. This was the protocol that I gave her to get her vitamin D levels back up and to get her bone health better.

There are a couple of things on this list that you’re going to be like, “I don’t understand what that is, like this phosfood liquid.” Most people have never heard of something like this or some sort of phosphorus supplement. It’s like an 11:9 ratio or something like that between phosphorus and calcium or is calcium and phosphorus. I can’t remember, but the important part is that we generally are deficient in phosphorus enough that it’s not helping the calcium get deposited where it’s supposed to be and helps the bones build better.

Phosfood liquid, I know this says ten drops twice a day, but take a full dropper, put it in water, and swish it back. Do not put a full dropper into your mouth. That is intense. You could do it. You will not die, but you will be drinking a bunch of water for several minutes trying to wash that down. It helps a couple of things. If you got a little bit of a calculus on the back of your teeth, phosfood liquid breaks that up pretty quickly within a day or two.

The parallel is the 37th. You can see St. Louis. That’s at Thank you, Harvard. In 37th parallel, Richmond, Virginia, Denver, and all that. Los Angeles, you’re good. Phoenix, you’re good. Dallas is good. Miami is good. The rest of us need some vitamin D supplementation.

We’re going to get to the vitamin D here in a second. The next one here is cows’ food wafers. If you are deficient in phosphorus, the best way you will know that you are deficient of phosphorus, especially if you’re waking up and everything is super stiff in the morning, your liquid calcium has deposited in your muscles. You’re like, “Everything is achy.” It takes you about an hour to get all those creeks out. Take some phosphorus. That will keep that calcium liquid throughout and will not deposit into the muscles as well. It’ll be there, but it won’t be sticky. You won’t be stiff.

I start most people out on the phosfood, maybe a month or two. 1 to 2 droppers a day. Three causes some crazy dreams apparently. Some of my older patients have reported back to me that that’s when they said, “Three was too much.” They were starting out. Once they got their phosphorus levels back up, I switched them over to these cows’ food wafers. If I emptied a bottle of this into a candy bowl, I can see myself eating the whole bottle because it’s got a little bit of honey in it. They’re tasty. I’ve not tried to do that, but I’ve been tempted to do that once.

I’ve tried these and they’re fine, but I don’t find them tasty as you do. They’re not gross or anything.

This next one is vitamin D3, the 10,000 IU. I’ve got this one here at 1 gel, 3 times per day. That might be a little bit much. I’m not sure why I put it to that level.

Maybe that’s someone who’s very low in vitamin D.

This was for my aunt. That’s why.

You are trying to bump her up as quickly as possible.

My personal intake of vitamin D, especially this time of 2023, is three once a day, I’m pushing 30,000 and I’m not worried about it because I have other autoimmune disease issues that I’ve talked about. If you have an autoimmune disease propensity, I would definitely take more and it’s not going to hurt you. Honestly, constipation is going to be your big thing.

If you feel like you’re getting too much.

I had another patient who was saying, “Mine is too high because it was 94,” but the reference range for the local lab, and this is interesting because these were two different labs in the same town, the one lab here in town said 90 was their upper limit, 30 to 90, whereas the lab that I went to here in town set up to 100. We don’t know the upper range.

If you’re trying to fight cancer, you have immune system problems. In general, you want it up to 100.

If you did three a day during the winter and you didn’t touch it during the summer and got outside plenty, you’re probably going to be okay.

Taking it in the winter is your most important thing. In our family, we start in September and stop in March.

That would be fair. the next one here is something called C Synergy. Standard Process changes their names a lot. I like the old name better because it was called Collagen C. What most people don’t consider is that our bones are alive and there’s an outside skin of collagen all along the bones as they are reforming. That is going to help those osteoblasts and osteoclasts that build up and break down the bone to make the bones stronger and more vitamin C. It’s a natural form of vitamin C.

It’s not just ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is not vitamin C, even though that is legally what is called in this country. That’s what that one. Austrophen PMG, these Protomorphogen is what PMG stands for. It’s some of the vital substances that they found help stimulate at a genetic level. Protomorphogen was the name that Doctor Royal Lee came up with. Do I want to say it’s a stem cell thing? Probably not. Is it something akin to that world? That’s probably the easiest way to describe it. What he found is that these protomorphogens would be helping build bone in this case here, and he has several.

The next one is Biodent. Doctor Lee was a dentist. This is a great supplement. There are many things you can use for this. I always say get the big bottle. You can chew it to help with your teeth health. It’s also good for bone health. It is a great snack for the dogs. The dogs love it. If you have a big dog, or if you’re getting a puppy that will end up being a big dog, Biodent is great because as they grow, it’s going to help their bone and dental health as well. The puppies do enjoy this one. Wild yam is another one for my aunt. This is great for postmenopausal women for hormonal support. In general, that’s hormonal support. The last one I’ve got here is called Cataplex D. This is another D vitamin of sorts, but it is more than just vitamin D.

It’s got A, D, and calcium in it.

Those are the things that they put in on top of everything else. I had another doc who does a bunch of nutrition. They found that when they supplemented both high-dose vitamin D with a Cataplex D, these people had better retention of keeping their vitamin D levels high after the fact. During the winter, let’s take a higher dose of vitamin D to keep our immune system strong and a little bit of Cataplex D to support our bodies’ normal functions. That will boost the intake and the functioning of vitamin D. when you come off of it during the summer and you’re like, “I don’t need it. I’m out in the sun. I’m doing all of this fun stuff,” your vitamin D levels will not tank immediately. It helps you utilize your vitamin D more.


The Blonde & The Bald | Supplement Protocols


I have to fight to keep my vitamin D levels up. That is definitely one of my issues. That might be one I start adding in because I would like to keep them high. Every winter, even if I take a bunch, it still tanks. Thank you. I appreciate that.

Which one do you want to hit next?

Let’s do one more. Pick the one that’s your favorite.

I can run through these last three. This one here, the sports and fitness, if you’re an athlete, you’re looking for good proteins, and you’re trying to figure out what’s great, this is what I’ve got this list for. You need to be taking creatine. If you want to have better brain power, you take creatine. Creatine is neurological.

Basically, I got three different. I’ve got a collagen peptide, which I highly recommend. It has a great tasting whey protein. PurePaleo from Designs for Health is also good. For the guys, I’ve got a testosterone booster. I’ve got an Arginine supplement with citrulline. This was all I could find, but there are better citrulline supplements out there. General wellness, I’ve got cows food here, something called wormwood. You may want to take this once or twice a year.

This is a great detox for parasites. Why would you take something for parasites? If you have an indoor animal, you probably have parasites. Quite honestly, if we eat at a restaurant with any regularity, sadly, you probably have parasites. It’s in our world, but we’re not as aware of it because it’s not as obvious as things. I like wormwood because it’s about a month protocol and you will feel better after the end of it. There’s my undergraphis right there. There’s my vitamin D. NAC is a great one. Oftentimes, it’s not available from Amazon. 1 or 2 of these a day is good.

Parasites are everywhere. It is in our city, food, and supplies. We are not aware of it because it is not as obvious as other things. Click To Tweet

If you buy one on Amazon, it’s probably gross. We’ve had complications to do that and they brought it in. It’s like, “This smells weird,” and I was like, “That’s because somebody put something else in that bottle. I don’t know. Please don’t take it.”

Sometimes you got to pitch. The last one here is my men’s health list. Men, if you are not taking zinc, you are missing out. I would definitely get some zinc. Why do I have a standard and a protocol? I have a standard process here because I like their zinc chelate. You want to get 50 milligrams for most men. This also has a little bit of copper in it because it’s coming from a liver source. Glycinate from Protocol is a great one. I’ve got Virility for Men, which is great. There’s a lot of good research looking at a Longjack or Tongkat Ali.

Also, phosfood liquid. We’ve talked about cows food wafers. It has vitamin D. Simplex M is great for men. I have an Arginine citrulline mix here. Also great for men. These are nitric oxide boosters. You need nitric oxide for various things to work properly and you’ll feel better overall because it is a heart health benefit as well. I’m not going to go into any of the other details for the men’s health stuff. You’ll go gross.

A little one that I wanted to bring up for people who have a tendency to get urinary tract infections is something called D-mannose or there’s some of them called raspberry D-mannose. If you get lots of urinary tract infections, I recommend continuing to take this, but if you’re a person who every so often gets one, have it in your cabinet so that you can take that when symptoms occur.

I’ve come across that. How does it work, or is it great for cleaning out?

It’s great for a cleaning out. I believe from what I’ve remembered, and I could be totally wrong, it helps to create a slippery surface of the urinary tract, which allows it to clear out.

It flushes better.

I could be totally wrong and thinking of something else.

Some days, we remember everything we’ve ever learned about nutrition in chiropractic, but at the end of the day, our focus is, “How do we get your head on straight?” Quite honestly, we do these things because I don’t want to have all of this stuff here. I know another doctor here in town who basically said he’s not caring about any supplements anymore and everything is coming out of Fullscript.

I don’t blame them. Keeping all this inventory, sometimes it’s great. Sometimes it’s nice for me to have it. There’s a bottle of AF Betafood sitting up there. AF Betafood is great for people who don’t have a gallbladder or need liver support for bile production. I’m not going to grab it, but I can almost guarantee it is at the end of life, I’ll take it home or give it to somebody who’s having bile problems.

Be like, “It’s almost expired.”

The expiration date on standard process products is the date that they have said the tablets will stay intact at least until that date. Otherwise, they start to fall apart. It’s not necessarily the product has gone bad.

The expiration date on standard process products is the data that they have said the tablets will stay intact. Otherwise, they will start to fall apart. Click To Tweet

That’s the same thing for a lot of things.

I got a funny story. My wife’s saying, “I’m hungry. I want something. I don’t know what I want,” and then she pulls out and she says, “Do you know what I would like for you to do?” because I’m trying to help her along and be there to support her. She’s like, “You should make me some cornbread.” I made her some cornbread. Isn’t that a nice husbandly thing to do?

It’s super nice.

It’s gluten-free. It’s great cornbread. I like crusty cornbread. They’ve got a good gluten-free mix. The expiration date is six years ago.

That’s getting a little old.

It was okay.

It was crusty.

It was passed its prime.

You dump it in and there are little animals. Weevils, that’s what’s there.

I would rather have weevils to know that it was that something enjoyed it, but unfortunately, it’s packed in a plastic bag and everything tasted plastic. There was no amount of butter and honey that will do it.

You can’t cover that up. You are just eating plastic.

I tried. She was like, “Something was off of the butter and the honey. Do you normally put that much on there?” I’m like, “Sorry. I didn’t put enough on.” I only put about a quarter cup of butter and a cup of honey on top of it. She said that was too much.

Poor Jean. You tried to murder her with microplastics.

I had some too. It was delightful. Readers, we’re going to wrap up. Doctor Bagley, where can they find you?

I’m in St. Louis, Missouri on the West side at You can find me at @DrBeth on TikTok. Instagram is @PrecisionChiropracticSTL.

I’m at on the interwebs. It’s @KeystoneDoc on Instagram and all the other socials. It’s some variety of that. I’m in Springfield, Illinois. If you’re looking for any of these supplements or you have any questions about any other supplements, feel free to shoot us an email. Any supplements that we’ve talked about, I’ve got the protocols on my page. Doctor Bagley has individual supplements on hers. If you’re like, “What was that?” They’re probably going to be in here. I will make sure I add a couple of things to that sleep protocol here. Thanks for reading another episode. We will be back next episode.


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