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Take the shrinking pill Alice took in Wonderland because today, we will join Dr. Schurger and Dr. Bagley in jumping into the rabbit holes in healthcare! So, buckle up because we’re going for a wild ride in this episode, taking stops at different topics. Dr. Bagley and Dr. Schurger unveil the mysteries around the latest on Wuhan and C19. They also delve into a thought-provoking question, “Do kids get you sick, or is your immune system weak and susceptible?” The fun and informative ride doesn’t just stop there because Dr. Bagley and Dr. Schurger will also take us into the proper amino acid profiles for food, glycine, and the old 96’er. Join the Blonde and the Bald in the Healthcare Wonderland before the Queen of Hearts chops off this opportunity!

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Rabbit Holes In Healthcare, Lingering “Colds” And The Ole 96’er

You said let’s go down some rabbit holes and do we ever go down some rabbit holes when we do? Years of research that we both have done on not only health-related stuff but also geopolitical health always comes into play with that, too. You’ve done a lot of research on that stuff.

I was looking at various articles because as we’re recording this, Dr. Fauci gave testimony to Congress, saying, “Yeah, it was a lab leak.”

He knew it the first day.

The whole time. Before we go back to the Dr. Fauci stuff, Dr. David Martin, who’s showing all sorts of interesting stuff, is a patent guy. He goes down the patent path and looks at when all these patents were made. COVID-19, as it was being developed, was not developed in 2019 out of Wuhan. It was in 2017 in South Carolina or maybe I’m getting the Carolinas mixed up. I believe it was South Carolina. It was already in process. This is older than we want to care. It was first developed there and then studied and then oops.

Around when election seasons come up, it’s an oops. The problem I have is the fact that we’re even developing viruses. Let’s deal with the viruses in nature and find better ways to effectively help people. Handle those. Instead, we’re like, “Let’s put some HIV in here and make it to the point where it’s harder for people to fight.” It attacks different places and it gives people lifelong problems if they don’t die from it.

Even simple short-term problems. We started recording as soon as we realized we were going in an interesting direction because Dr. Bagley makes the comment, “Maybe we should talk about what we would do if we were one of these people who had one of these nagging, long-lasting colds that are going around.”

We’ve got the list already, the potential things that are sitting in here. We’ve got RS that has been crazy bad. We’ve got a nasty flu that’s been bad. Certainly, COVID, one of the Omicron variants floating around. What do we do? The first thing that either of us would do if we’ve got one of these lingering colds is try to figure out how I can get adjusted.

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“Am I out of alignment? If I am, let me get in alignment.” I don’t get sick very often. I know you don’t get sick very often either. It’s not I’m so lucky. It’s that we work on it. One of the things we do is make sure we’re well-adjusted. Occasionally, I needed two adjustments. I needed to see 1, I needed to see 2 and the good thing I got adjusted because a little sick kid coughed right into my face. He was only like four. I was like, “Okay.”

It’s a good way to boost the immune system.

I don’t know if my immune system can fight that. I think it might start reacting.

I think it’ll be fine. You’ll do well. We’ve got all of these bits and pieces floating around and we like to think that we’ve got the best knowledge about what you can do for health. Certainly, getting your head on straight is going to be a huge benefit to making sure you have a good, strong immune system. I still joke about the old timer here in Springfield. He’s a 1940s grad of Palmer right after World War II. His GI bill paid for his time at Palmer.


The Blonde & The Bald | Healthcare


Several years later, early ‘80s, he goes in for surgery. He’s been under this care, second generation chiropractor. He goes into the hospital and after a botched surgery that basically gave him an infection, he is sitting upstairs when they take the blood to go down to the lab to see what his white cell count was.

You always have a pathologist on board as these hospitals who report back to the CDC for various data because that’s how they collect all their data. That pathologist looks at the data and says, “I’ve never seen a white count that high.” The guy who took the labs basically said, “Yeah, he’s up in room 314 or something like that.” The pathologist’s response was, “What? He’s still alive.” I think he was of the opinion at that point.

Personally, if I’m not feeling well, I’ve got a fever. When I was over in India, I had a fever for a couple of days, and right before we traveled, they asked if I wanted any antibiotics. I said no. I think if doc had a sepsis-style infection, he would’ve accepted antibiotics at that point in time. I would, too. At a lower level, if your body’s able to deal with it, those antibiotics, especially if it’s a viral type thing or a microbial thing, as in my case, take time to run its course.

Even to this day, many people with strep throat will say, “The only way to get rid of strep throat is with antibiotics.” I beg to differ.

Aside from the fact that most strep throat is viral. Did I say that out loud?

Even if it is bacterial, antibiotics will knock out a strep throat infection. Yeah, it absolutely will.

What else is it knocking out?

All of your gut bacteria. This is the problem. If I have gangrene and I’m going to lose my hand, I’m going to accept antibiotics. I’m not going to get to that point where they’re going to have to amputate my arm. One of my hopes is that I hope to never be on antibiotics ever again in my life. That’s one of my goals. I’m not crazy. I’m going to take them. I’m not going to die on that hill.

Even my kids, if they get an infection or if they get some health thing going on, that’s not the first place we run. We’re not going to run and try to get antibiotics. My kids have barely been on antibiotics, just in two instances. When I was a kid, I can’t tell you how many times I was on amoxicillin. I was probably on amoxicillin 20, 30 times in my childhood, any time I had a throat thing or an ear infection. My mom was the daughter of a chiropractor. She didn’t listen all that well.

Something didn’t carry over. It’s interesting because, as you were saying that, two different thoughts came into my mind. One about one of my patients who was in. She needed to get adjusted. An MS case. She was the only one of her family who got sick. She knows her immune system is on the weak side. I asked her, “What did you eat that might have spiked your blood sugar over the holidays?” It was after the holidays.

This is the worst part. I have a family of teachers. In my family, there are a bunch of teachers who want to blame the kids for their poor health. I sit back and look at them and I’m like, “I know what you eat. I used to eat that stuff. I don’t eat it anymore.” They’re blaming the kids on the sugar that is raising their insulin which is reducing their immune system. It’s like, “It was the kid that did it.” Yeah, the kids have problems, but the kids are probably actually going to help you have a stronger immune system because theirs runs through everything and burns stuff out.



That’s like the kid who coughed on me. I joked. I was like, “I’m not worried.” I honestly don’t think I’m going to get sick from that.

As long as you didn’t lick it up.

I was like, “No, I don’t lick door handles to try to test my immune system.” We do touch feet all day long.

I have things that go over the feet. I am very sensitive to when I’m touching feet and I tell people don’t step in dog poo or cat poo.

It’s happened.

Quite honestly, I’m like, “Yeah, we’re taking these shoes off. You stepped in something. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with horse manure. I don’t know why. The Amish patients clearly have horses and there’s manure. I do not have a problem with something about horse manure. Dog poo and cat poo, right out.

We don’t want any poo. No poo. For the readers, what we’re talking about is that as chiropractors using the Blair upper cervical technique, we test leg lengths to help us determine if someone needs an adjustment.

We should clarify it’s a functional leg length to see what’s going on because as you lay on the table, one leg tends to draw up because of the body imbalance that is inherent from your neck being out of place. We’re looking at a functional imbalance in the entire spine.

I call it a global misalignment.

In any case, that’s what we’re doing. That’s why we’re touching feet. It’s not because we have some weird fetish.

It’s okay if you want to. You can admit it to all of the readers. It’s fine.

This will get to the article that I pulled up here a little bit ago. I had another patient. I can’t remember why she had to be put on steroids, but she’s diabetic and she was put on steroids. She did a round and then that round of steroids actually skyrocketed her blood sugar.

Anyone who’s diabetic, if you’re going on it, it will absolutely skyrocket your blood sugars. I’ve only been on steroids once.

It will naturally do that because of the relationship between the steroid and insulin. It’s going to go back and forth. It’s going to cause some things to go crazy and haywire, so it can cause problems. In this case here, an actual diabetic was even more haywire because she was paying attention to it. She shouldn’t have been put on the steroid for this problem in the first place. It’s coming back down. She got all her blood work done and her A1C was a 6.1 so it’s moving in the right direction.

She was having a lot of aches and pain. She’s a little bit of a fibro-style patient. She likes making soups. She’s making soups like crazy. I told her add more beef to it. She did. She didn’t even add that much beef to her mixes, and in three days, she was feeling better. All her joint aches and pains, already gone. That is a testament to how easy it is and how fast putting real food, especially higher quality protein like beef, into your diet is going to make a huge change in what you’re doing versus, “I’m going to go reach out for another pill or medication that has side effects.”

We, all humans, have the ability to heal. All it takes is we need the right building blocks and building one of them is a high-quality protein like beef. There are low-quality proteins like soy. That is trash protein. If you are taking a supplement right now or a shake, if you’ve got a shake in front of you, you’re like, “What kind of protein is that,” and it’s soy protein, trash.

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Most of these vegetable proteins are not great. Everyone’s like, “They’re so much better for the environment.” Do a deep dive. You’re probably having more chemical processing right off the bat. It’s not even that. We’ve made dietary changes and choices based on fats, proteins, carbs, and calories, and we fit your macros, so you’re fine. You can do whatever you want. If you’re getting all your protein and you’re not caring about your carbs, yes, your carbs can come from Oreos, which are technically vegan, but they’re not.

It’s funny how addicted I am to sugar and I am off sugar right now, but the minute you said Oreos, my mouth went crazy. I want one because it’s so good. Actually, I like Joe-Joe’s better than Oreo’s. That sugar addiction, for me, is so strong. I literally have Pavlovian dog mouth. I can taste it.

Isn’t It horrible?

It’s horrible.

If you went and said, “I’m going to create a diet based upon carbs, fats and proteins,” you could fit Oreos into your mix and you could figure out a way to do it. The problem ends up being is it is missing nutrients that you’ll end up being hungry for later. I had another patient. She said she made beef pot pie or something like that from scratch and was still feeling peckish and hungry afterwards. What she needs to do to overcome that is eat more meat. She’s craving protein. If you’re still hungry after you finish dinner, it is not because you need dessert. It’s because you didn’t eat enough protein 9 out of 10 times or you didn’t get the right nutrition in the food you ate.

If you're still hungry after you finish dinner, it is not because you need dessert but because you didn't eat enough protein 9 out of 10 times or didn't get the right supplement. Click To Tweet

A lot of these foods are empty calories. They do not have the vitamins and nutrition that you need, including amino acids that will give you the proper nutrition. I hate using that word to define what we’re doing, but to fill you up. Nine out of ten times, if you get enough protein in your diet from animal sources, you’re going to feel great.

Let’s say a patient said, “I went and saw a nutritionist. The nutritionist told me that I need whole grains.” We know the standard American nutrition diet, which is pro-inflammatory and honestly pro-diabetic. It creates more diabetes. Let’s say there’s someone who is struggling to get protein in and we know that drinking protein like a protein shake isn’t the ideal form, but they need to get protein in. What type of protein would you recommend to them?

You’d have to do a whey protein.

That’s what I was going to say, too.

Most of the whey protein out there is pretty clean. There are brands that say they’re cleaner than others.

I know there are some that say they come from grass-fed cows and those type of things.

I’ve tried to the grass-fed way. I didn’t notice a difference. Oftentimes, it’s hard to get. That was my other problem. I’m talking about NOW Foods. I love them. I think they are a great company, product, and manufacturer. They’ve had supply chain issues as everybody else has. If you can’t get it, even if it’s the best thing in the world, it’s not worth it. There are a couple of manufacturers out there that are doing some hydrolyzed beef protein.

I’ve seen that, too, but I don’t know where to even get it.

I’ve tried it. I don’t know if I’m crazy about it. You can always do a casein protein, not a casein egg protein. You can do casein protein, too, if you have problems with whey. Some people do. You can do an egg protein. Make sure definitely buy a high dollar, high-grade egg protein because the low dollar egg protein, you will not have friends. Even the gym bros are going to be like, “No, you are way too gassy for me.”

The other thing I think to make sure is to look at what they’ve added to it. You’ve got your whey protein. Are they adding artificial colors? Are they adding sugars or artificial sugars? That’s important. You don’t want Splenda or Ace-K or any of those things.

Just the artificial colors alone. I can’t remember which red it was. They said, “This red is safe,” and then there’s another red that they said was safe and now it’s not safe. These food dye colors are to supposedly appeal to your senses to say, “This is good for you and you’re going to like it because we do it with our eyes first.” Except they are all made from a synthetic chemical. They’re all oil-based on one level or another.

I’m talking petroleum-based. Petrochemicals. It’s not a good thing. I can’t remember if it was the reds or the yellows. Both are bad. You don’t need colors. If you’re going to do a protein shake because you need extra protein, shoot it. Do not look at it as, “I’m going to have something that’s good.”

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It doesn’t need to taste good.

It needs to taste good enough that you can drink it down, but it shouldn’t be overly so. If you need something to make it taste a little bit better, either add honey or glycine. Glycine is one of my favorite supplements.

I add that to my tea every morning now.

Mrs. Thomas changed up her Instagram profile. Has she tried glycine yet?

I don’t know if she has. Honestly, I should bring her some so she can try it. Right now, she’s going full carnivore.

Glycine is carnivore. She made the comment that she was having a hard time doing the carnivore and I’m like, “Glycine.” I don’t know where these glycine sources are coming from. I’ll be honest.

It’s an amino acid.

It’s sweetness and it actually lowers your insulin response. There are all sorts of benefits to it. Quite honestly, if you’re having a hard time getting protein in, eat more eggs. Eggs are great.

If you're having difficulty in getting protein, eat more eggs. Eggs are a great source of proteins. Click To Tweet

Also, they’re not very expensive. Even high-quality eggs are not that expensive.

Don’t worry about vegetarian. In fact, don’t get vegetarian eggs.

I try to get the ones that say pasture free range.

That might not mean anything.

It’s trying it.

The thing is chickens will eat meat. They love It.

I don’t want them to be vegetarians. I want them to eat. I want it to eat all the bugs and all those scraps.

You’ll see better yolks coming out of those things. It is so easy. In fact, I’m debating whether or not I’m going to eat 4 or 6 eggs for dinner because I have 6 left in the fridge and then I’m out of town for the weekend. The question comes down to whether I eat 4 or 6. It doesn’t make a difference as far as how full I feel. It’s easily digested as long as you don’t have an egg allergy. If you have an egg allergy, sorry about that. That does make problems.

I think the other thing, what I talked to Dr. Ladd about who’s gone full carnivore, is when you do start eating mostly beef and then some eggs and maybe some chicken here or there and that stuff, your body can handle so much protein that your digestion changes in a good way. You’re absorbing more nutrients. You poop less.

It’s easier. You also get acclimated to eating. A lot of people are like, “Doc, how do you put down two pounds of meat in a sitting.” “Like this.”

“Opening my mouth and chewing.”

You have to work yourself up to that at a certain point in time. If you sat down and said, “I’m going to pull the John Candy 96-er,” and then you have to eat all the sides, that would get me.

All the gristle.

The gristle is not a problem. It’s all the sides that I’d have a problem and I could do the 96-ouncer. I would do it.

Do you think you could do that?

I would certainly try. I would happily pay if I had to, but I would be okay with it as long as I don’t have to eat all the sides. That’s something I would have to work up to because that’s a lot. That is several pounds at that point in time. I had an arm roast for lunch, which was easily two pounds. Do I do that every day? No. I was hungry, and I would nibble on the last handful of pieces that were back at the house that I didn’t get to. I also ran out of time because I had to get back for a new patient.

We don’t have a ton of time to eat during the day. I didn’t eat breakfast. I normally don’t. I had my tea and brought some protein, and I’m still eating vegetables. I had vegetables for lunch and scarfed down quickly because I was in the middle of stuff and I probably won’t eat until about 8:30, which is not that great. That’s my Thursdays. That’s how they are. I’m not complaining. All I’m saying is if I can still make protein a priority, you can make protein a priority. In my opinion, it’s the first thing you consume on your plate. If you are still eating carbs and vegetables, the protein, you eat that first, then you’re filled up and then the rest of it’s the extras.



Next time when we are together for a seminar or something.


Hopefully. No, because we won’t be able to do it on the student night. We should for dinner for the two of us. Maybe bring Jason and the kids along, too, of course. We hit up the Chinese buffet.

We’re going to kill it.

We show what we’re eating at the buffet. We’re focusing on stuff. We’ll show every plate and how we’re focusing on stuff. My problem with the Chinese buffet that you have is that unless there’s a new one you’ve discovered, it’s mostly chicken on the entire buffet.

We are going to go with cheap protein sources.

It’s a cheaper protein. It’s a better choice than some things, but it’s chicken and some cheap fish. Whereas, at the very least, in the place here in town, there’s a lot of chicken on that one, too, with a lot of breading and sauces.

That’s another thing is those sauces have so many carbs.

It’s sugars and seed oils, unfortunately. At the very least, have a tri-tip roast out most of the time. It tends to be on the chewy side because it’s been sitting out there, and it’s a little overdone, but it’s fantastic. I’ll get a couple of big chunks of that. The hardest part is cutting it because they don’t have any proper knives.

You have to bring your own steak knives to the Chinese buffet.

That’s not a stretch for me, but that wouldn’t be the first time I have extra knives for eating dinners.

Speaking of seed oil, a lot of pre-manufactured buffalo sauces have soybean oil on them. You can make your own buffalo sauce with butter and things like that because I’m a big fan of hot sauce. I love hot sauces. I found the Primal Kitchen brand name at Costco. They made up buffalo sauce. It came in a two-pack and I was like, “This better be good,” because if it’s gross, I bought two big things of it. They make it with avocado oil. It is freaking fantastic. It is so good. I was not expecting it to be good. I’ve been making air-fried chicken wings with my Primal buffalo sauce.

Very nice. Save me a bottle. I don’t have Costco down here and I haven’t seen that one.

I was not expecting much because, first of all, avocado oil sometimes has a weird taste, depending on where they source it from or what. I still like avocado oil, but sometimes it’s a little weird. They did a great job. Primal, if you want to give us some free stuff, go ahead. It’s fine. We’ll try that.

Let’s back up and go back to this article that I came across. This is British Medical Journal for Quality and Safety, published in 2023. What they were looking at is the annual US burden of serious misdiagnosed related harms that either cause permanent morbidity, so some permanent trauma to the patient, or death. Vascular invents, infections and new cancers. All age groups were there.

Is this misses or this is misdiagnoses?

This is misdiagnosed.

Missed like they didn’t diagnose something?


It could be either, maybe.

They had harm from inappropriate use or overuse of diagnostic tests or from overnight diagnosis. Overtreatment was not considered. They did everything by the book and they still had errors. They were finding things like strokes, embolisms, aortic aneurysms, and myocardial infarctions. For the infections, they were looking at sepsis, pneumonia, meningitis or encephalitis, spinal abscess, and endocarditis. For cancers, lung, breast, colorectal, melanoma, and prostate cancers.

Those 15 accounted for 51% of total serious harm. The top five that accounted for 39% misdiagnosed were stroke, sepsis, pneumonia, venous thromboembolism and lung cancer. The number of people, Americans that were becoming permanently disabled or die because of a misdiagnosis, can you guess what it was?

The total number? What are you talking about?

The total number that they said died in one year.

Fifty thousand.

Keep going. You know it’s higher.

I do. Just tell us.

It’s not 50,000. It’s not even 100,000. It’s not even 200,000.

It’s 230,000.

No. It’s 795,000.

That’s more than I thought it was going to be. I was thinking maybe like 250,000.


Is it 795,000 in one year?

In one year, because of misdiagnosis. What’s interesting about this is this man provides the first robust national annual US estimate for serious misdiagnosis-related harms or permanent disability. It’s looking at both aspects of things. They were estimating about 371,000 deaths and permanent disabilities and 424,000. You said 250,000. That was your number for that. We’re already way over that for either category of death or disability.

One thing to point out here is that most of these things being misdiagnosed are also things that people have created in themselves with poor habits. I’m not a victim-blamer. If you have a stroke, there are lots of different reasons for a stroke. I’m not saying that every single person who has a stroke is because they ate Cheetos every day, but a lot of them are.

One of the things that put me on this road to health, more than anything else, was sitting back and looking at my mother’s side of the family. Dad was practicing in Indiana. Mom moved to Indiana to start the family, but she grew up in the Cleveland area. I looked at my grandparents and I love them dearly. I’m going to go to my uncle’s funeral because he’s passed away. The worst part is this head, I knew I was going to be okay because his head and my head are very similar in that regard. Apparently, I had a blonde streak and he had a blonde streak and then he went completely bald.

Did you go completely bald with alopecia or no?

No. The top went bald. In any case, there were very similar traits between he and I. I also looked at their lifestyle and they weren’t taking care of their health. They weren’t saying, “Maybe these foods aren’t so good for me. Maybe I need to exercise and work out more.” It’s sad that he passed, but his health wasn’t great. His diabetes was bad. All of the problems. The question is could he have made a lifestyle choice to make it better? I had another patient who was complaining about her ring finger. The ring finger on her right hand is swollen, and she calls it arthritis.

It’s bad after the holidays. They’d been traveling. They were down to a service in Effingham for something for a friend of theirs who had passed. I told her, “Try it for a weekend. Try to take out the sugar and the wheat for a weekend and see how it feels.” She’s like, “I can do that. That sounds hard.” Yes, it is because, unfortunately, the lifestyle, not just the lifestyle, but the way the food is manufactured in this country, is not designed to make you healthy.

It’s designed to make your brain activate. It’s designed to make you addicted to it. It’s a feel-good chemical. It’s the dopamine released when you eat something, like that Oreo we were talking about. It is hard. It’s hard to stay away from that stuff. It’s not possible.


The Blonde & The Bald | Healthcare


How easy is it to eat junk? It’s everywhere. It’s easy. It’s not impossible, with a little bit of work, to make your own food and to make your own dinner.

You save money.

You do save money, especially in this economy. You can have a better steak at home than you will get at the store. You’ll be happier with it.

If you go to Applebee’s and get a steak for $25 or whatever it is at Applebee’s, trust me, you’ll have a better steak if you buy one and make it at home.

I’ve had those steaks. I lived on the road and at Applebee’s, at the very least, I knew I was getting a consistent steak. I can’t remember. There was one place with a good steak, but still, it was either TGI Fridays or Ruby Tuesdays wasn’t bad either. There’s a different quality of food because they’re trying to make a profit and they’re not making much of a profit.

You’re better off talking to a butcher, getting your own food, making these choices and saying, “I’m going to eat the good stuff,” as opposed to, “I’m going to eat all the junk.” Did I love some of the Polish pastries that were everywhere in Cleveland? Absolutely. Have I tried to make poppy seed rolls? I’ve tried making gluten-free poppy seed rolls, but it’s not right.

If you are out there and you’re like, “I can’t do that,” first of all, yes, you can. Also, if 90% of the time you do well and then every once in a while, you mess up or eat a poppy c roll or eat, at least 90% of the time you’re eating well. One of the things I run into, though, is the minute I do eat an Oreo, my brain activates and it kicks me into hunger mode. I’m hungry for more carbs.

If I give into that, which happens, then I am stuck in that rollercoaster of one more thing. You wake up hungry the next day. I don’t wake up hungry when I’m on keto. I’m not hungry in the morning. I don’t wake up and I’m not starving and I’m in a fasted state. If I eat carbs like I did over the holidays, I wake up freaking hungry. I know that’s because my blood sugars crashed.

Part of the problem is you’re combining sugars and fats together. Those two are fuel sources. In nature, you would only have one or the other. You would either have sugars and protein or fats and protein. Most protein does couple with fats, but you almost never get them together. When you have fats and carbs together, that is a recipe for disaster for your body because it has too much fuel, and it doesn’t know what to do with either of them, and all of it gets stored.

If you’re an elite athlete and you’re swimming ten miles or going on an ultra marathon, you can handle carbs and fats together, but most of us don’t do that.

You’re starting to see more and more ultra-marathoners who are going mostly carnivore. They’re adding a little bit of carbohydrates when they need the extra boost so that they can make that transition over. It’s jet fuel for them at that point in time because they’re properly fueled and they don’t feel hungry. This is why road bacon is so good.

I actually had a discussion about road bacon.

It’s fantastic. Road brisket isn’t bad, either.

I haven’t had any of your brisket. I would like to have some.

The last brisket I made was not good.

What did you do wrong?

I don’t know. I think it was the fact that it was a grass-fed brisket, and the fat content was naturally going to be low. I think that one needs to even be lower and slower and I need to figure out how to wrap it with a lot of fat around it.

What you’re saying is that the grass-fed beef wasn’t fat enough. It didn’t have enough fat.

It didn’t have enough fat to properly render the way it’s supposed to.

That’s a sad day.

It was because I had basically made jerky without slicing it. I finished it.

Your jaw hurts at the end of it.

It did.

You pay so much for the beef, you’re not going to get rid of it. You have to eat it.

It was still edible. It wasn’t brisket.

It wasn’t like your delicious brisket.

It wasn’t melt in your mouth. All of that gelatinous, beautiful collagen is broken down perfectly. No, it was dry.

I know. When you say gelatinous, it makes me gag a little bit. It sounds gross.

Juicy collagen.

Let’s call it moist chew. Let’s go full gross words. Let’s do it.

Let’s go back to the study of the BMJ. One of the things Dr. Murphy does as he reviews this study is he makes a note that 795,000 people, this was the incident of diagnostic errors that resulted in permanent injury or death of the patient, yet only looked at false negatives. You don’t have lung cancer, but you actually did have lung cancer. False negative diagnostic errors lead to the patient’s death.

The study did not include patients who suffered a permanent injury and or death from the treatment of false positive diagnostic errors. It’s like we thought you had lung cancer and so we treated you for lung cancer and the treatment killed you. After your death, we figured out that you actually did not have lung cancer.

Here’s the question. As we think about what’s coming up in the next couple of years because they are threatening that we’re going to have another outbreak, another pandemic, and now we are getting evidence to support that. The last one probably was not as bad as they made it out to be. Certainly, less people died from it than they made it out to be.

People did die.

I’m not saying they didn’t die.

A lot of times, it’s the treatments that killed them.

We treated you but incorrectly. We treated you for a thing that we thought was the proper treatment protocol as opposed to saying, “Let’s find a better treatment protocol,” and you died.

If the doctors that had the proper treatment or better treatment protocols were all silenced and lost licenses and all sorts of things, even though they had better ways to treat it.

On top of all of this, we now know for a fact that the doctor who was in charge of effectively the program spent the past almost four years trying to cover it up. We’ve been lied to. How can we have trust in the system?

I think people don’t. Obviously, you don’t have any trust in the system, but I think people have lost trust in this.

I know some people who got the most recent booster and got a COVID booster in one arm and a flu vaccine in the other. It’s like, “Did you miss the fact that these things aren’t showing to be protective?

They’re showing to make it more likely for you to get COVID. It doesn’t give you COVID, but it makes it more likely for you to get COVID.

On top of that, it’s not protective. We are now seeing more and more doctors coming out and saying the data is supporting more harm by having these things repeatedly. As we started off, the question comes back to what do you do if you have a cold that won’t go away? What are those other things? Getting your head on straight.

That’s number one. “I don’t have a chiropractor.” Get a chiropractor.

If you don’t have a chiropractor and you’re like, “I don’t know who to trust,” you can reach out to us and we will send you to a person who we feel we’ve got is good and qualified.

We have a plethora of colleagues across the nation and world that we can help you find.

On top of that, if you’re worried that you might have had an adverse effect from the jab, get on Dr. Mccullough’s protocol with the nattokinase, the bromelain and the curcumin, which we have in the Linktree links.

By the way, don’t take nattokinase right before bed or I shouldn’t take it right before bed. That gave me not great sleep. I don’t know what it was about it, but I took that not before bed.

There are definitely supplements. Here’s the thing. I know people who, if it keeps you up at night, it will put them to sleep and vice versa.

That’s Me. Not that I take NyQuil, but that’s me with NyQuil. When I was a kid and before I knew any better, NyQuil kept me up all night. That stuff is the devil.

What you’re saying is we give you whiskey and you’re going to be the party animal.

It has happened. Not whiskey, though. Gross. Go on to Peter McCullough’s podcast website. He’s got so much information out there, but he’s got a great protocol and I think he’s right on. There are even some medications and stuff and he’s a medical doctor. There are ways to help detox from some of this stuff. I was actually listening to a podcast. It was Joe Rogan.

I was going to ask you about that one.

I’ve known that there are autoimmune complications to the jab. He explained it in a way that I think we can explain it to people here. The explanation is you get the shot in your arm and 1 of 2 things can happen. You hopefully get it into the muscle. It’s still going to go everywhere, but mostly, it stays in the muscle. The second thing that can happen is that it could accidentally be put into an artery vein. It’s this bolus of mRNA shot into you.

It’s gene therapy. It enters one of your cells. They were hoping it was going to stay there and enter the cells there. No, it’s going to go. Let’s say it happens to enter a heart cell. This could go anywhere. When there’s an infected cell in your body with any virus, your cells recognize that as a sick cell. What does it do if the cells go to attack that cell. Now you’ve got many cells in your body, maybe heart, maybe your ovaries, who knows, that are infected with this gene therapy.

They’re creating mRNA and your body then sees this is a bad cell. That, in turn, is creating inflammation. It’s creating scarring in the heart. It doesn’t heal very fast or well, but in other parts of the body, it could also create the body now seeing certain cells as not cells. If our body sees something as not cells, what does it do? It attacks it.

It attacks anything not cells. Just as if you were to get a transplant of a kidney, forever, you will be on immune-suppressing drugs so that you don’t attack the kidney that is not cells. That’s the same type of drugs that they’re having to put people on now because there is an explosion of autoimmune, meaning not cell-attacking autoimmune problems. Those include things like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and mixed connective tissue disease. I think that’s what it’s called now. That was a new fun one. I’m trying to get all the autoimmune diseases. Lupus.

Certainly, ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. Parkinson’s is going to fall in that category. Neurodegenerative stuff is going to get worse.

We are at the tip of the iceberg. If you’re reading this, start doing your research. You cannot trust what you hear from the mainstream doctors. First of all, a lot of them don’t know because they’re doing what they’re told. I’m not saying they’re evil. Many of them aren’t, but there are some that are and they’re at the top.

There’s only so much time to study and to figure out what’s going on because the fact of the matter is we’ve had four years of being told, “No, that’s not a thing,” or, “It’s horse dewormer.” Everybody doesn’t have enough time to go down the rabbit holes to figure out what’s going on. You can read shows like this. Go through a couple of them.

Don’t take our word for this, that or the other. We can make recommendations for nutritional supplements, but we can’t do for some of the medications. We can also say, “Look at what these folks are doing. What is Pierre Corey talking about? What is Peter McCullough talking about?” Most doctors who are practicing may have a dozen papers published. Academics, maybe, have a couple of hundred that they’ve been involved with. Peter McCullough has over certainly 600.

He’s the winner, that’s what I call him.

He’s very much the winner.

He has the trophy with how many papers he published.

I think he’s the most published academic clinician in the country at the moment.

If they haven’t taken it all away from him, because God forbid, he goes against the mainstream. Remember, truthfully, when we say mainstream, it’s the CDC and pharmaceutical companies. They’re in together.

The other thing you were talking about Weinstein, I’ve been following Bret since about the time that they came on the scene on the Dark Horse podcast. They had just gotten out. They’ve got a great book, The Hunter-Gatherers Guide to the 21st Century. It’s a fun book to read. Good stuff. It gets you thinking about a different way to look at the evolution of human beings, how we developed, and certainly how we haven’t changed that much over the past couple of hundred years. Certainly, a couple of thousand years. It’s a good read. They are a great source and they are probably one of the most critical sources on this information. Bret and Heather, his wife, are both vaccine advocates and they’re certainly looking at vaccines in a different light more and more every day.

Neither of them considers the jab for COVID a vaccine.

They consider it gene therapy and they’re right. The other thing is that spike protein remains in the system for a year and a half the last time they looked and it’s still circulating. It’s supposed to be gone in 48 hours.

That also includes if you have COVID, like you will have spike protein.

This goes back to this other paper. Those 795,000 people died because of basically, “We thought you had this, but you didn’t have that.” That led to a negative outcome as opposed to overdiagnosis and overtreatment. The correct diagnosis, if left undiagnosed, would likely lead to the patient’s health or non-diagnostic errors based on a drug, based on whether they gave them the wrong drug or the right drug. The right drug had side effects that they didn’t consider because some people consider that there are more medical errors and adverse drug events causing more American deaths than it is saving lives in America. That statistic came out probably a decade ago. That was when I heard that.

That’s scary. We both know a good amount of medical doctors and people in healthcare. I don’t know any of them that are evil and are trying to help people.

No, they’re not evil. They’re doing their best. They’re trying to figure out what’s going on. If you have a good doctor, they are listening to you and having a conversation with you. That is the bottom line. If they don’t have time to have a conversation with you or they’re talking at you, go find a new doctor.

Honestly, the good ones are hard to get into. If you find, “This Doctor So-and-So has a year and a half waiting list,” get on the waiting list. That’s going to be who you need to see because it is hard to get in with them. That’s okay.

Let’s end with a win here. I had a new patient start. She was in a car accident and she hasn’t been good to get in. EDS case. Lots of aches and pains. She went to see another one of my colleagues here in town. This is the one who is taller than you. She was in. She was starting to hold her adjustment. She’s feeling better. We did some hip mobility work for her. She gets up off the table and all her pain is gone. She’s like, “I don’t want to move. I feel so good.” She said she went to the bathroom a little bit later. This woman doesn’t need to lose five pounds. She needs to put some weight on, but she said things moved that were giving her problems.

That’s so awesome. This is the second time we’re talking about poop in the show, but pooping is important. That’s part of your system working. If you don’t poop on a regular basis or your body’s not doing that, something is wrong with your nervous system. Your nervous system is not working correctly because your gut and brain connection is not working. You should be pooping regularly.

If you don't poop regularly, something is wrong with your nervous system. Click To Tweet

It should be. It should be all going out and it should be cleansing. We can stop talking about poop, I think.

Why? I love talking about poop. It’s the best. Dr. Schurger, where can they find you?

I’m at Keystone Chiropractic here in Springfield, Illinois. is my website. Find me on the socials @KeystoneDoc or Keystone Chiropractic. Dr. Bagley, what about you?

I am in St. Louis, Missouri. You can find me at On socials, you can find me on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter.

We’ll be back with another episode of the show. We should be back on our regular schedule starting this episode. Have a great day. For those of you in the snow apocalypse, good luck and we’ll see you soon.


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